Paragraph - the first youth center in Ivano-Frankivsk, created by students for the needs of young people, but open to anyone


Unite, develop and empower young people in Ivano-Frankivsk
 through non-formal education, meaningful leisure, and support for youth initiatives


Mindful, successful and active youth,
studying and working in Ukraine,
developing society and itself


collaboration, respect, openness, transparency, inclusivity,
honesty, responsibility, self-awareness, 
impartiality and non-conflict


Strategic directions of work

What do we do for young people?

Non-formal and civic education

Organizing and promoting open and public events and events,
which contribute to the intellectual, cultural and spiritual development of young people
and form a strong Ukrainian civil society

Meaningful leisure

Ensuring cultural and healthy leisure and recreation for young people
without the promotion and use of alcohol, smoking or other harmful habits

Support for youth initiatives

Personal counseling and mentoring, providing guidance
for successful implementation of youth initiatives

Work, study and rest in comfort


Convenient seating and quiet music create an atmosphere of comfort that is so necessary for our visitors. This makes the paragraph ideal for both work or study or leisure.


Socialize with us

Not only can we meet interesting people, but you can also find like-minded people. Perhaps they will become good friends for you in the future.

Attend and organize events


Every day we have various events, each of which will find something for itself. And also, if you want to hold your own event, then our team of love will help with the organization.


Get inspired by new beginnings

Paragraph is a place where everyone can find inspiration, good company and opportunities to put their ideas into practice.

What we have cool?

Fast and free Wi-Fi

We know the importance of always staying connected. That is why we have a powerful Ubiquiti hotspot that will provide quality Internet access for everyone.

Conference room

We have everything that may be needed to conveniently hold a lecture, training or workshop, presentation, public discussion, conference, seminar, networking or even an acoustic evening.

Team center

Our Space Volunteers, if anything, will help you prepare for the event and answer all your questions.

Tea and coffee

Because what else can be needed for happiness?


There is nothing more important to us than the comfort of our visitors.

Open daily

We make sure our visitors have access to the center every day.

Meet our team

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Guest reviews

Warm and cozy atmosphere, and also wonderful people who are ready to help and make your event better)) Thank you))))))
Tatiana Sharaburyak
A great place to have a great time and attend many events for every taste!
Valentin Nikolaychuk
Great place, great people. But in my opinion, the chairs should be wrong))
Denis Lipovetsky
On your initiative, the University came to life!
Paul Lodin
Political scientist, journalist
This is a very good opportunity to get new knowledge / skills, meet new interesting people, and get positive emotions, and there are seagulls too))
Maria Mateshko
The paragraph has its own unique atmosphere and dedication of volunteers and employees to their work. I wish you inspiration and patience for further accomplishments.
Vasya Slivchik
Poet, artistic activist

Paragraph Youth Center is first and foremost – people

Our team is active volunteers who work hard for the center to work effectively, continue and grow. If you want and can join the project, do not delay, become a part of it and bring this dream to life together.

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