Paragraph – the first youth center in Ivano-Frankivsk

Created by students for the needs of the youth,
but open to everyone

We work with young people and for young people

in three strategic directions:

Non-formal and civic education

Organization of open events and activities that foster the intellectual, cultural and spiritual development of young people and shape a strong Ukrainian civil society

Meaningful leisure of youth

Ensuring cultural and healthy leisure and recreation for young people without the promotion and use of alcohol, smoking or other harmful habits

Support for youth initiatives

Personal counseling and mentoring, providing recommendations for successful implementation of youth initiatives

We did public calendar of eventsso you can light and quickly find out, when we are open, what events we plan and hold. Go to calendar page, choose the right one for you view mode (day / week / month / list), browse event details, save them to your own calendar, or even add this calendar to yourself so you always stay up to date Youth Center Paragraph

2024 April

Week 4

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Paragraph is youth розвиток events family comfort friendship trust support warmth cooperation respect openness transparency inclusiveness honesty responsibility self-awareness impartiality non-conflictness молодіжний центр.

We love them

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Meet our partners

The support of partners is extremely important for the effective operation of the Youth Center.
We are open to active cooperation with anyone who, like us, is interested in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk youth.

as well as ours donors

without which the paragraph would never have become what it is today